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GTrans Transportation and Logistics Company

from Kazakhstan to Russia - by air, auto and rail
from China to Kazakhstan - by auto, air and rail
with or without Customs Clearance

Great Transportation Company

Transportation is a key sector of any economy and the demand for transportation of goods, raw materials, equipment and other cargo is growing year by year. Transportation is compared with the cardio-vascular system of the human body for a reason. Goods flow through the transport arteries, providing operations in all areas of our lives.

No business can manage without transportation services. Transportation companies of Kazakhstan deliver lots of goods between cities and countries, and factories and plants get their necessary raw materials and equipment in timely manner. Transportation is done by trucks, railway or air transport, and multimodal transport can be combined if necessary.

An important task for the transportation company is to ensure the safety of deliveved supplies. To avoid losses due to accidents, theft, and other factors, cargo insurance is provided. Transportation services may also include preparation of supporting documentation, storage facilities, customs clearance, solving problems with oversized cargo and much more.

GTrans Transportation Company provides a full range of services in transportation of commercial goods by railway, road and air transport.

We are always prepared to develop the best route and offer the best terms of delivery to the final destination of interest.

Trucking Activities
Truck freight delivery by transport company is a popular and relatively inexpensive way to transport goods and raw materials. The route can be adjusted to the needs of the customer, which allows you to deliver cargo to almost any point. Heavy and medium-duty trucks, refrigerators, long haulers are used for transporting goods.
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Railway transportation is an excellent choise for transporting large batches of products or raw materials, bulky and oversized cargo. Railroads work in almost all weather conditions, so it is the most reliable way to transport goods, raw materials and equipment over long distances.

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Air Cargo
Air Cargo delivery is the most expensive, but also the fastest. Air cargo is in demand for the transportation of perishable goods, as well as in those cases where you need to send the cargo by transport company with the highest possible time of delivery. It is important to know that there are restrictions on the weight and dimensions of cargo that is allowed.

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We process requests and organize the delivery of transport within 30 minutes time. Our employees are professional and experienced logistics specialists.
The location of the shipment is tracked around the clock in real time. An SMS text message is sent to our customers regularly.
Road transportation is performed by 2 drivers-freight forwarders on rotation, so the cargo is transported without stops along the route.

Prompt response

Monitoring 24/7

Non stop

Why clients work with us and spread the word to partners?

We offer favorable prices for freight transportation services. Our own fleet of vehicles allows us to establish a flexible pricing policy.
GTrans as international transportation company is responsible for the safety of goods during transportation. Insurance coverage includes damage, loss, fire, natural disasters.
Our fleet includes large, medium and small capacity commercial vehicles. There are refrigerators, auto carriers, container trucks and other types of trucks.

Acceptable pricing


Large Fleet of Trucks

Request a quotation from the Great Transportation - Logistics Company

Partners network with more than 2,000 carriers ensures at least a 15% price reduction.
Lowest rates in whole of Kazakhstan!
Fill in the online request form
Set out a task for our specialist
Recieve a commercial proposal for the shipment
Sign the agreement and make payment for the transportation service

How we do it?

We deliver the shipment to the destination point and submit a report for sign off
Delivery of goods by GTrans transportation company is carried out as per easy and straightforward scheme of cooperation:
You are satisfied and will recommend us to your business partners and friends!
trucks in our fleet
> 500

GTrans in figures

We are not going to praise ourselves.
Just take a look at our operations statistics and it will become crystal clear!
of experience in transportation
>12 years
from request application till provision of transport
30 min
Tenge in Insurance Liability
50 000 000
happy clients for the previous year 2019
> 1000
deliveries around the globe
> 10 580

Our Fleet

We offer our customers a large fleet of varoius automobiles and rail cars. We collaborate with airlines and air freight forwarders, arranging charter flights.
low bed trucks
refrigerator trucks
low capacity trucks
tented cars
Airlines under partnership agreement
partner agreements with air freight forwarders
Charter flights
of covered and open rail cars
grain hopper cars
insulated cars
rail tankers for petroleum products
Most popular routes
GTrans Transportation and Logistics Company provides freight transportation across Kazakhstan, from Kazakhstan to China, Europe, Russia and return. Also we offer transportation services from China to Russia and in the reverse direction.


Send a request and get advised, calculate the rate and make transport booking
Level of service drops down the moment you make payment. Suddenly no one cares about your shipment.
Trying to load more cargo in order to earn more than your rate. As a result, the truck leaves later or stops on the way.
Lack of documentation does not leave any guarantee for safety of goods.
Careless behavior
Failing on delivery timelines
Lack of documentation

Challenges, you may encounter when dealing with another shipper company

We have a quality control department that monitors the fulfillment of all commitments undertaken to the Customer.
Our logistics department schedules shipments at the beginning of each month. This allows us to deliver your shipment on time.
Our transportation begins with the execution of the contract and request. With the conditions of transportation spelled out.
95% of the carriers of the market are middlemen, so you pay double price (to middlemen and car owners).
The shipment may be damaged in transit. No one is responsible because a fly-by-night company worked with you.
The driver is unreachable. And he won't call back. With us you receive a daily SMS with the specific location of the cargo.
Excess payment
Damaged goods
Cargo location is unknown
We have exclusive contracts with major carriers from China and Russia. Own warehouses in China and Kazakhstan, significantly reduce the cost of transportation.
The Great Transportation company provides basic insurance for each cargo. We use insurance company "Amanat" for insurance of shipments.
After you sign the contract, your account manager will be there to help you. Your account manager will keep you informed about the shipment's progress.

10 myths about transportation

Myth #1
Goods are damaged in transit
Damage may be prevented during the initial handling stage, when the driver himself directly controls the correct positioning and securing of the goods.
Myth #3
Road transport is the most risky
It is no secret that by rail, air or sea freight we need to deliver cargo to the point of shipment (station, airport, port) and then pick it up from the drop-off point, which can cause physical wear and tear due to excess loading and offloading operations. In such case road transport is the safest method of delivery as it does not require transhipment.
Myth #5
To save money, you need a return trip truck
More and more often it happens that the cheap return vehicles have breakdowns or some defects that they have acquired on previous trips. GTrans experience makes it possible to exclude such vehicles, while at the same time serving a better option without increasing the budget.

Myth #7
Cargo goes missing en route
Customers are worried about a shipment getting lost en route. This is prevented because every shipment is labelled with the consignee's delivery address before being dispatched. Neatness and cleanliness of Gtrans operations ensures that every shipment reaches its destination.
Myth #2
Trucking is the most expensive
Even with a consolidated shipment (opportune cargo), the only right solution is to send the goods by auto road. Railway transportation is cheaper for heavy loads (bulk, metal, building materials, grains, etc.), but not always.
Myth #4
Having an employed logistician is more cost effective than going to a shipping company.
In order to run your own logistics department, you need to pay wages, pay taxes and equip workplaces. And this does not guarantee you minimum shipment rates. You avoid unnecessary, costly activities by going with a logistics company.
Myth #6
Hiring private carriers is more profitable
Working with a client for the first time, a haulier tries to inflate prices and does not deal with paperwork and obtaining approvals. GT Company is legally and commercially liable to the client.
Myth #8
There is a certain market for the stolen goods
GTrans has no idea about the existence of such markets. After 5 years of extensive involvement in the trucking business, we have never encountered a situation where a market for stolen goods has been mentioned. Friendly and cooperative relationships with drivers ensure that the theft of loads for the purpose of selling them is ruled out.
Myth #9
Due to rising fuel prices, freight services may double in price
Statistics show that fuel prices have been doubled in the last 5 years. But freight prices have increased by 25%. This is due to inflation and economic growth. GT is willing to meet customers expectations to keep the fares with additional conditions.
Myth #10
Armed robbery
Some customers are worried that their cargo might be stolen by an armed robbery. This fear has its roots in the 'wild 90s', when criminal activity flourished not only on cross-border highways but also in major cities. Nowadays drivers keep in touch not only with each other but also with law enforcement authorities by telephone and radio communication. Drivers also travel in large convoys. GTrans can also provide armed escort services by specially trained officers.

Our projects

Type of shipment: AUTO
Route: Saint-Petersburg > Astana
Volume: 20/86
Cargo: Elevators
Task: Provide 3 tented trucks with upper deck loading within 2 days.
Adil Auzbekov
The trucks were provided on time. All vehicles were loaded within 2 days, taking into account factory overload. Driver and rolling stock documents were promptly provided for preparation of the power of attorney. Additionally, the loading process was accelerated and the queue was shortened through direct communication with the plant management. Delivery to Astana took 5 days.
Type of shipment: Auto
Route: Urumchi -> Astana
Volume: 3,7 CBM., 1050 kg.
Cargo: Show business equipment, LED screens
Task: Pick-up shipment from Urumchi and deliver to the address in Astana with customs clearance 17-21 days.
Anton Filatov
GTrans Urumqi branch managers organised the delivery promptly and within the deadline of 19 days. Express delivery from China is the company's core business, as the customer receives door-to-door service. Customs clearance is also included in the delivery costs.
shipments up to 03.03.2020
Brockmuller Trucking
Type of shipment: Auto
Route: Almaty -> Astana, Astana -> Almaty, Almaty -> Aktau, around Almaty city and other.
Volume: from 1 cbm. up to 45 cbm, 100 kg up to 10 tons
Cargo: Autoparts
Task: Prompt transport (within one hour) delivery for loading, door-to-door delivery, meeting deadlines, provision of transport with a hydraulic spade.
Brockmuller Trucking
The company has been providing services since December 2013. In the course of this collaboration, they have been able to automate vehicle delivery, town sorting, delivery times and other details.
Type of shipment: Air Cargo
Route: Almaty-> Moscow
Volume: 0,5 cbm., 40 kg
Cargo: Food
Task: Door-to-door air freight, urgency related to the return of goods due to factory defects.
Damir Tlegenov
A budget of 45,000 tg was announced to return the meatballs, which proved to be overdue, back to Moscow. As GT is the logistics operator of Foodzi, the delivery was made immediately.
Logistics Manager
TRT Technics
Type of shipment: Railway
Route: Almaty -> Aktau
Volume: 5 tons, 25 cbm
Cargo: Tyres
Task: Find a low-cost option for winter door to door transportation without loss of time
Sharapat Shaikhov
The shipment was entrusted to GT as they had suggested that the logistics costs could be reduced by rail. Road transport would have been much more expensive and the risks in winter had to be avoided. They worked with lightning speed, just in time. And door to door, which is very pleasing considering the type of transport.
Corporate relations department director
"First time shipment, so it was scary"
Arsen Zhanadilov
Private Entreprepneur
Cargo - construction materials
We received an urgent order for 70 tons of laminate - linoleum to Astana. Called all kinds of carriers and the order came out at least 1.2 million tenge. GTrans offered us rail transportation instead of trucks. We calculated it and came out 3 times cheaper. We agreed and saved 800,000 Tenge.
Thank you!
Feedback by our customers
Almaty > Atasu
Cargo - computers and accessories.
We were awarded a tender to supply computers and accessories to the Karaganda region. It was the first time we transported goods by truck, at first I was afraid to trust the goods, as I had heard that freight forwarders often cheated, but guys coped quickly. A truck was submitted within an hour, loaded it quickly and transported it in 2 days as promised.
I am very happy with the company and will recommend GTrans to my partners!
"Railway delivery suggested instead of auto trucks, so we saved money"
Corrugated factory in Pavlodar
Pavlodar - between regions
"We found a reliable partner"
Warehouse Solutions Company
Warehousing storage solutions
Challenge - the plant was entering new capacity, there was no single reliable transporter and no one could guarantee to provide transport. The plant turned to the transport company GTrans in December 2013. GTrans automated the shipment/loading schedule and the route grid through its own CRM system, attracted its own fleet of vehicles and a fleet of partners. Shipping to 10 destinations at a time, GTrans processes client requests within 10 minutes, exceeding their expectations.The problem - the plant was entering new capacity, there was no single reliable transporter and no one could guarantee to provide transport. The plant turned to the transport company GTrans in December 2013. GTrans automated the shipment/loading schedule and the route grid through its own CRM system, attracted its own fleet of vehicles and a fleet of partners. Shipping to 10 destinations at a time, GTrans processes client requests within 10 minutes, exceeding their expectations.
The challenge - the factory was entering new capacity, and had no single reliable transportation operator therefore nobody was able to guarantee the transport. In December 2013, the plant approached GTrans company. GTrans automated the shipment/loading schedule and the route grid through its own CRM system, attracted its own fleet of vehicles and partners. Shipping to 10 destinations at a time, GTrans processed client requests within 10 minutes, exceeding their expectations.
"We are satisfied by result of collaboration"
Gulshat Omarova
Regional manager "Dostyk Stroi" LLP

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